General information

Authentication & content-type

In order to authenticate to our API you will be using http basic auth together with your generated api-key-ID and password. Data is transfered via JSON-body.

Statuses & error codes

The API will answer with different status codes depending on various scenarios. The status codes can be used in order to know how to handle the response.

# Successful requests
200 # Everything is ok
201 # Resource created
204 # Resource updated (nothing returned)

# Unsuccessful requests
400 # Bad request
403 # Forbidden
404 # Resource not found
422 # Validation error
500 # Internal server error



List clients GET /api/v2/clients
Create a client POST /api/v2/clients
Update a client PUT /api/v2/clients/:id
Show a client GET /api/v2/clients/:id


List invoices GET /api/v2/invoices
Create an invoice POST /api/v2/invoices
Update an invoice PUT /api/v2/invoices/:id
Show an invoice GET /api/v2/invoices/:id
Send an invoice POST /api/v2/invoices/:id/send


Add payment POST /api/v2/invoices/:invoice_id/payments
List payments GET /api/v2/invoices/:invoice_id/payments


Create a product POST /api/v2/products
Update a product PUT /api/v2/products/:id
Show a product GET /api/v2/products/:id
List products GET /api/v2/products
Destroy a product DELETE /api/v2/products/:id